Cards & Pockets Invitation Design Contest

Cards & Pockets are having their 5th Annual Invitation Design Contest! You can only enter one of your own designs, in either of these categories: DIY or Professional. The invitation must be an actual event this year or 2014.  Contest ends 12/1/13.

Here is a link to their Design Blog for inspiration, and to check out a few of the previous years’ winners.

Prizes include Crate & Barrel or Cards & Pockets Gift Card, 1st place – $100, 2nd place – $75, and 3rd place – $50.

A side note: I’m all about design contests, but I think I’m sitting this one out this time. 1) I don’t have any events coming up that would include having invitations, 2) I really don’t have the time to do it this time of season [seven weeks left of the year!].  How about you? If you were to enter, what would you design? Comments welcome!


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