Why Are Challenges Just Unfinished Projects? Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about my battles, demons and obstacles that prevent me from finishing projects. I also mentioned that I’d come up with counteractive solutions. I was motivated by Jon Acuff’s book Start. In his book, he encourages to “mock each fear that you’ve written down”. Even though this is slightly different, it was a great exercise to do. Now I just need to keep these solutions and to make these inside voices louder!
Embrace success
Embrace failure – since it’s a great motivator for success
Stop over thinking things
Stick to the cause and to the deadline
Remind myself LIFE IS SHORT
Stay focused and do one thing at a time [use the Pomodoro Technique – where you set a timer and do it within that time]

Start saying no to things and stop doing things that do not matter
Start prioritizing

Use my calendar to set realistic deadline
How about you? What are some solutions that work for you in completing projects?

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