The Vampire Test

I’m reading this creative book called Show Your Work (Austin Kleon) and the writer talks about this “Vampire Test” that can be used on people, jobs, places or hobbies, etc.

“It’s a simple way to know who you should let in and out of your life. If, after hanging out with someone you feel worn out and depleted, that person is a vampire. If, after hanging out with someone you still feel full of energy, that person is NOT a vampire. Vampires cannot be cured. Should you find yourself in the presence of a vampire…banish it from your life forever.”

This obviously made me think of 1 to 2 people and a few activities [watching too much tv! and Facebook]. How about you? What vampires do you need to “banish”?



What Does It Take To Be You?

Original poster image from, "Rosie the Riveter"

Original poster image from, “Rosie the Riveter”

Just read another great article about “talent is persistence” theme [which also reminds me of Seth Godin’s “Linchpin” chapter on  shipping it (putting your stuff out there!)]. Pardon the f- bomb at the bottom of the article, but this really is a great read from the

It brings me back to my decade’s old  question: “what does it take to be you?” My intentions for today’s blog wasn’t going to be about goals [or resolutions], but after reading the aforementioned article talk briefly about measurements and metrics [as much as I hate taking metrics for work], it’s a necessary task. We need to see where we came from and where are we going.

In my next post, I will be posting my 2014 SMART goals!

You Don’t Know Where Your Work Will End Up If You Don’t Put It Out There

Friday night’s takeaway from James White // Signal Noise was this:

You don’t know where your work will end up if you don’t put it out there.

He also went on to say: Do it. Do it today or do it tomorrow, because no one is ever going to know your work, if you don’t put it out there.

I would gladly post notes, but I actually found a video of his presentation that was quite similar to Friday night. Of course, you should’ve been there! 

Why Are Challenges Just Unfinished Projects? Part 2

In my previous post, I talked about my battles, demons and obstacles that prevent me from finishing projects. I also mentioned that I’d come up with counteractive solutions. I was motivated by Jon Acuff’s book Start. In his book, he encourages to “mock each fear that you’ve written down”. Even though this is slightly different, it was a great exercise to do. Now I just need to keep these solutions and to make these inside voices louder!
Embrace success
Embrace failure – since it’s a great motivator for success
Stop over thinking things
Stick to the cause and to the deadline
Remind myself LIFE IS SHORT
Stay focused and do one thing at a time [use the Pomodoro Technique – where you set a timer and do it within that time]

Start saying no to things and stop doing things that do not matter
Start prioritizing

Use my calendar to set realistic deadline
How about you? What are some solutions that work for you in completing projects?

Why Are Challenges Just Unfinished Projects? Part 1

I completely forgot to write yesterday – again! Second time to fail in a 30-day challenge. So, today I’m going to write TWO posts to again make up for the missed deadline! At least it’s giving me today’s topic of starting challenges and not finishing them completely or IN time. And since I’m all about convenience, I will break this up into two parts to make up for the loss.

For some reason the Lizard Brain in me, likes to forget things that are important to me. It seems every time I start something, I barely  finish. I enjoy the process, but halfway or early on, I don’t cross the finish line. Or if I cross it, it takes me longer than intended. They’ve taken down the gates at the race. I say this literally, because a few years ago, I ran a 5K, where I was fourth from LAST and the race crew were literally taking down mile marker race items and gates, after I passed them, because that is how SLOW I “run”.  BUT, at least I finished! Anyway, back to my point. I’ve discovered a few things about myself that are internal battles I need to come to terms with and to eventually conquer -demons that I need to destroy. Here they are in no particular order:
I’m afraid to succeed / of success
I’m afraid to fail / of failure
I listen to my internal negative voice too many times
I lack discipline
I procrastinate
I multitask
I say yes to too many things
I say yes to the wrong things [things that aren’t in alignment with my true goals]
I don’t prioritize
I don’t set or stick to deadlines
These obstacles prevent me from finishing. Or as Seth Godin would say, shipping. Or launching. So, in the next post, I am going to come up with proactive solutions on what do I need to do about these battles, demons and obstacles.